Alien Anneke. An Ant-Like Accountant Alien. Illustrated Metaphysical Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories #11

Alien Anneke - Cover Page

Alien Anneke is an alien-ant from the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy. She is an accountant and maintains the calculations that aliens need for flashing themselves and objects instantly across the galaxy.

But she’s just received a request to flash something that she has never transported before, ever.

Why does someone want to flash a star across the galaxy?

How is she going to get the energy to move it?

And even if she could find a solution, will she be able to do the calculation in time?

Find out more in Alien Anneke – number 11 in the Alien Characters Metaphysical Science Fiction and Fantasy series.

This book contains 17 fantastic illustrations by Genelyn Javier.

Each book contains an encapsulated story within the Alien Characters universe and each story features a new character. They can be read as stand-alone titles or in groups of series.

If you’re a parent looking for something new for your child, or a birthday or Christmas present, or something to take along to a child’s party as a present, an Alien Characters book would make an interesting gift. The style of writing is for a similar age group to the Mr Men, Thomas the Tank Engine and Doctor Who children’s books, and makes great bedtime reading.

Books 1-12 introduce a number of characters that eventually band together at a conference in story 13 entitled ‘Alien Sophie’. The Alien Characters series is currently approaching 70 titles, and has a spin-off series for young adults entitled Galactic Mission Series.

Collect them all!

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